2018 Health Care

Henrico County is offering four health care plans for the 2018 calendar year. Each health care plan includes coverage for medical, hospitalization, prescription drugs, vision, behavioral health, and wellness services. Click on the booklet below to get the outlined benefits of each plan.

Medical Benefits- Anthem

  • Anthem Healthkeepers booklet includes these plans:
    • Premier POS (drug coverage through Express Scripts)
    • Standard POS (drug coverage through Express Scripts)
    • Lumenos HSA (drug coverage through Anthem)
  • Anthem KeyCare booklet includes:
    • Out-of-Area PPO (drug coverage through Express Scripts)

Prescription Drug Benefits- Express Scripts

NEW FOR 2018:

  1. You will have Two Cards with Premier, Standard and Out-of-Area plans:
    • One Anthem card for medical services and
    • One Express Scripts card for prescription drugs
      Note: No change for Lumenos HSA enrollees who will still use one Anthem card for both medical services and prescription drugs.)
  2. Your 2018 health care rate includes both medical and prescription drug coverage.

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