Military Personnel

Military Supplement Eligibility

Henrico County employees are eligible if they earn less than their base pay at the County while on active duty military orders in response to the events of 9-11-2001. Note: The supplement is not an entitlement and is approved on a case-by-case basis.

Supplement Process

  1. Submit a copy of the military orders to the Agency Head and Employee Relations. Military orders include:
    • Anticipated service dates
    • Branch of the military
    • Where stationed
    • Relation of operations to 9/11 response
  2. Send request for military supplement to Employee Relations.
  3. Send a copy of most up-to-date leave/earnings statement to Employee Relations.
  4. Share emergency contact info (name, address and phone number) with Employee Relations and your agency.
  5. Contact Donna Clarke (x4272) or Betsy Balser (x4355) regarding County benefits.

Communication Required

Be sure to communicate to your agency and to Employee Relations during your deployment:

  • Any change in your military pay due to reaching a new tier in your years of military service.
  • Any change to your rank with the military.
  • Any change to your orders (beginning date, ending date, location, operation, etc.).
  • Any anticipated date the employee may wish to be re-instated with the County.
  • Any requests for use of paid leave while deployed with the military, to include effective dates and type of leave being requested for payment.

Notify the County of your intention to be re-instated to County employment. If your Military Service was:

  • Less than 30 days: The next regularly scheduled workday, allow at least 8 hours in between the completion of military orders and return to work.
  • 31 to 180 days: You have 14 days to apply for re-instatement.
  • 181 days or more: You have 90 days to apply for re-employment.

Paid Military Leave

  • Paid Military Leave is a leave type for those actively involved in federally-funded military duty.
  • The maximum amount of paid military leave available is 15 days, which equals to 120 hours (if working 80 hours per payperiod) and 168 hours (if working 112 hours perpay period).
  • Paid Military Leave Days are refreshed annually, at the beginning of each federal fiscal calendar (October 1 – September 30). Hours are not accrued and may not be carried over.

Paid Leave Eligibility

  • Henrico County employees are eligible if they are members of the US Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Reserves, National Guard, and Naval Militia.

Paid Leave Process

  • The process for employees who want to use Paid Military Leave for performing recurring military activities (e.g., drills, annual training) include the following steps:
    1. Submit to the agency and to Employee Relations evidence of the employee’s being called to perform military activities (e.g., drills, annual training).
    2. Based on the length of time absent from the County, the employee may want to contact Donna Clarke (x4272) or Betsy Balser (x4355) regarding his/her County benefits
    3. Maintain communication with the agency and Employee Relations regarding rank, orders, military service anniversaries, County leave use, anticipated return to County employment, etc.