Team Henrico

Henrico County Walks

A new Health Trip initiative to address the County’s growing health concerns and to keep our employees in the best health possible.

Henrico County Walks is for ALL County employees to focus on the importance of regular physical activity to maintain physical and emotional well-being. It is a fact – regular physical activity is essential for good health!

  • Every 9 weeks, employee teams will set out toward a new destination city. The journey begins in Augusta, Maine as you head to the Big Apple – New York City!
  • To cover the 386-mile distance, employees will need to form a team. It is recommended that a walking team should consist of 3 to 4 team members. A jogging/running team can have 1 to 4 team members.
    • Number of miles per week to complete based on total number of team members:
      • 4-member team: 10.72 miles per week, per team member
      • 3-member team: 14.3 miles per week, per team member
      • 2-member team: 21.4 miles per week, per team member
      • 1-member team: 42.9 miles per week

To assist employee with locating feasible waking routes visit the Henrico County Walks Story Map. This Geographic Information Systems (GIS) site has several site selection tabs to assist in searching for a convenient and safe path.

Getting started on your Henrico County Walks journey takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Form a team.
  2. Think of a fun team name and officially register by completing the registration form
  3. Submit your registration form to Liz Stovall.

Additional Information:

  • Every 9 weeks, there is a new destination city!
  • Walking distances will be recorded manually each week by the team captain on the weekly tracking sheet. Team members may monitor their walking distances through a personal device like a Fitbit, Apple Watch or through pedometers on their smart phones (like the Apple Samsung “Health” apps).
  • At the end of the 9-week period, the team mileage tracking sheet should be returned to Liz Stovall.
  • Teams that reach the destination city will receive a prize!
  • Employees may join this initiative at any point. It’s never too late to sign up!