July 2017

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Survey Shows Positive Results

The Henrico Way is alive and well...and our citizens have noticed! Henrico residents call, e-mail or visit the county's general government offices every day and, overall, are satisfied with their interactions and think they have gotten the help they needed while being treated with professionalism and respect. According to the results of a countywide communication survey... More on Page 2

A Public Library in Our Backyard

While many county employees are already familiar with the Henrico County Public Library, some may not know that there is a specialized public library branch in the system that also serves the Henrico County government and its employees. The Municipal Government and Law Library has been a part of HCPL since 1977 and, while its focus may have changed through the years...More on Page 3

Finding Long-Term Success Through The Henrico Way

On May 25, 2017, Henrico Economic Development recognized, thanked and honored 39 businesses that have chosen to do business in Henrico for 50 or more years at a special event held at The Dominion Club. The Legacy Campaign kickoff brought the honorees together for the first time... More on Page 4

Front Page

“May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”

—Peter Marshall


Eric Baber, DPU
Gary Boyd, Recreation
Anthony Gordon, Police
Thomas Holsinger, Police
Joe Howard, Public Utilities
Michelle Mitchell, Sheriff
Steven Oakes, Public Utilities
Arthur Petrini, Public Utilities
Rhysa South, County Attorney's Office
Cynthia Steinhauser, Social Services
Jon Tracy, Real Property
Eugene Walter, Finance

New Employees

For a PDF list of new permanent employees of Henrico County, click here.