May 2017

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New Employees

For a PDF list of new permanent employees of Henrico County, click here.

Planting Seeds for Public Service

My first day with Henrico County was April 21, 1988, and I have eight months’ experience now. How can this be, you ask? In the spring of 1988 as a high school senior, I was selected to participate in Student Government Day from Hermitage High School, and I shadowed the newly-elected supervisor Dick Glover...
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HealthTrip: Doing Our Part to Improve the Health of RVA

In 2008, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) launched the ACSM American Fitness Index (AFI) program to help communities identity opportunities to improve the health of their citizens and to expand on collaborative efforts to better support active, healthy lifestyles... More on Page 3

Welcome to the World of Employee Health Services

As Henrico County employees, we enjoy many benefits for our health and wellness such as health insurance, paid holidays, and the free use of the fitness center, to name a few. Have you ever considered Employee Health Services (EHS) as one of those benefits? You might work in a department that requires you to come to EHS routinely for a job-related visit, such as an annual physical or a hearing test. While those types of visits are an important part of the daily work at EHS, there are other important services that are available to employees who would not ordinarily come here...
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“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr.


Willis Barnes, Fire
Elsie Best, CRWP
Carolyn Y. Brooks, Sheriff's Office
Christine L. Council, Recreation & Parks
David Harmon, Fire
Patricia Huband, Social Services
Renee Johnson, Police
William Liles, Fire
Marvis W. Marshall, Finance
Dana Powell, Sheriff's Office
E. Charles Prosser, Public Works
Mark F. Rowland, Fire
George L. Sierra, General Services
Deborah A. Snead, MH/DS

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