September 2017

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HR Service Reminders

Benefits of a Beautiful Workplace...

Hint, it's not all about the greenery!

Studies have shown that when scenic environments are an integral part of a workplace, it can actually reduce employee stress and boost productivity. Here at Henrico, we not only get the privilege of working in a beautiful environment, but how it stays so pristine has a benefit that far exceeds what anyone may realize. At the end of 2015 a new program was initiated by Henrico Sheriff Mike Wade to the Henrico County Sheriff's Office called ORBIT... More on Page 2

HealthTrip Spotlight: Detective Jeff Ensor

Jeff Ensor began his career with the Henrico County Police Division in June 1999, and he is currently serving with homicide as a violent crimes detective. The early stages of his HealthTrip, after he was promoted to detective, were off and on, many times moving from consistent to irregular. It started when he could meet with a trainer from the Fitness & Wellness division of Human Resources once per week who helped set up a routine that he followed. However, a drastic dip occurred in his routine when he was moved to midnight shift... More on Page 3

Updating the Family Medical Leave Process

And what that means for you as an employee...

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a Federal Act that provides employees with job protection when you have to be away from work due to the following conditions/circumstances... More on Page 4

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“I've got a theory: if you love your workspace, you'll love your work a little more.”

—Cynthia Rowley


Larry W. Hargrove Sr., Department of Public Works
Denise Harcum, Recreation and Parks
Donald Ladd, Department of Public Utilities
Yvonne Ramchandani, Juvenille Detention
Kenneth White, General Services

New Employees

For a PDF list of new permanent employees of Henrico County, click here.