January 2018

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HR Service Reminders

Communication Chemistry through Constructive Conflict

It takes just a hint of conflict to spark anxiety. We value getting along with others. We hope our communication can remain civil, measured and calm. Some avoid conflict altogether. Others try to squash it as quickly as possible. Yet each person differs on how they view issues. This requires us to forge pathways for airing differences, in order to explore, innovate and create. Mixing our ideas, outlooks, backgrounds and strengths is the essence of communication chemistry... More on Page 2

Using an Activity Tracker to Kickstart your New Year's Fitness & Wellness Resolutions

Having a gym membership is not the deciding factor in the success of your health and fitness goals for 2018. If you are one of the millions who have unsuccessfully stuck to a new gym membership, or have experienced other obstacles (i.e., cost, comfortability, schedule, etc.) it’s OK! There is another effective way to kickstart your New Year fitness and wellness resolutions. Recently, wearable technology and tracking apps that record daily physical activity (PA) levels have been the top fitness trend ... More on Page 3

Helpful Hints from HRMS

Did you know that HRMS is your one stop shop for any and all information you might need when it comes to your employment with Henrico County? You have access to all of your information anytime (24 hours a day, seven days a week) anywhere (at work and from home) using the Employee Direct Access link when you log into your HRMS account. Simply click on the Plus Sign (+) next to Employee Direct Access to view all of your menu options. The top most used menus accessed by employees are...More on Page 4

HealthTrip: Warm Up to Cool Weather Workouts

There's no reason to take a break from physical activity when the temperature drops. In fact, exercising in cooler weather has some distinct advantages over working out in warmer weather - no heat and humidity to name one. However, when it comes to heading out to exercise in cold weather, staying warm and dry is all about the layers. Cold temperatures, strong winds and damp conditions (like rain and snow) steal your body heat. A 30-degree day with 30-mile-per hour winds feels like 15 degrees according to the National Weather Service. Check out this infographic from the American Heart Association to learn how to Warm Up to Cool Weather Workouts.

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“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

—Oprah Winfrey


Judith Beitzel, MH/DS
Jean Burchill, Library
Bobby Byrd, Sheriff
Gary Duke, Public Utilities
Ronald Frashure, Fire
Mary Hapala, MH/DS
Karen Johnson, Library
Robert Lader, Sr., Public Works
Gale Livingston, Voter Registration
Vincent Robenson, Fire
Paul Ronson, Police
John Sabatini, PR/Media Services
Julia Sleeman, Human Resources
Billie Tebbens, Police
George Wise, III, Police
Timothy Yuhas, Public Utilities

New Employees

For a PDF list of new permanent employees of Henrico County, click here.