May is Internal Audit Awareness Month. 

May is Internal Audit Awareness Month.  Have you ever found yourself wishing someone other than your co-workers found your job as interesting as you do?  What you need is Internal Audit!  The best part of a Henrico Internal Auditor job is getting to learn about what everyone else in the county does.  Instead of dreading a visit from the auditors, consider it your time to shine!  You get to be the expert and share your day-to-day with someone who not only cares but who hopes to help make your job easier and/or more efficient.  For more information, see Internal Audit’s pages on the County website, check out their video on the Henrico County Government YouTube Channel, or reach out to your local friendly auditor.

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PSG 2024 Save the Date

Save the Date for the Annual Public Safety Games! Go to the Fitness and Wellness SharePoint site for updates!

    • Endurance Event  4/8-4/12 
    • Work Capacity Event 4/15-4/19 
    • Strength Event 4/22-4/26 
    • Final Event Friday, May 10, 2024 @ 1130 – 1300 HTC Gym (open to spectators)

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Ukrops 10k

Get ready to lace up your running shoes and join your coworkers for the 25th anniversary of the Ukrop’s Monument Ave 10k on April 20!  Whether you prefer walking, jogging, or running, this is a fantastic opportunity to come together as Team Henrico and celebrate health and community!

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