Celebrate Months

We invite you to explore some of the holidays, heritage and celebrations observed throughout the month of April such as:

  • Diversity Month- Diversity Month is a time to recognize and understand our differences, be it gender, race, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, and other factors, while honoring the common essence of humanity.
  • Autism Acceptance Month- Autism Acceptance Month, previously named Autism Awareness Month, is dedicated to showing support and acceptance to those living with Autism.
  • National Arab American Heritage Month- National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM) recognizes and celebrates the culture, heritage, contributions, and achievements of Arab Americans throughout History.

 As you explore, we encourage you to find unique ways to recognize the rich histories, cultures, and traditions behind these occasions while honoring your own. For an extensive listing of holidays and celebrations, please visit the Holidays & Celebrations SharePoint Page.