Got a lot of work? Get a student!

by Debbie Lumpkin, Internship Program Coordinator, Department of Human Resources

Has the COVID-19 pandemic created new projects on top of your normal work duties? With a larger to-do list on your plate, please consider hiring a student for academic credit.

Interns may be able to assist you with documenting changes within your department, creating manuals, making updates and marketing materials, and more. We can advertise your opportunities to new candidates, or you can select from a great pool of current summer intern applicants from a variety of college programs. Many students are eager for summer opportunities to satisfy academic requirements, grow their skills and build their professional network.  It is a win-win!

If you do not have a need for a summer intern, there are opportunities in the Fall semester as well. Requests for Fall interns are due by June 30.

To collaborate on ways you can use and/or hire an intern to join your team, contact Debbie Lumpkin, Internship Program Coordinator at 501-7206 or [email protected]