National Retirement Security Month is something to celebrate!

by Empower Retirement

What are your plans for this October? We all know that Halloween falls on October 31, but maybe you’re excited about National Noodle Day on October 4. Or maybe you’re looking forward to National Fossil Day on October 16. And don’t forget about National Boss’s Day on the 19.

Need another reason to celebrate in October? How about the fact that it’s also National Retirement Security Month. October is a great time to review your retirement income goals and reassess whether you’re on track for the retirement you want. You can start by taking a fresh look at the following:

  • Contribution level – Are you setting aside enough from each paycheck to build up the income stream you’ll need in retirement?
  • Asset allocation – Do you have the investment mix with the right balance of risk and return potential based on your planned retirement date and risk tolerance?
  • Retirement income sources – Do you have a plan for how your different retirement income sources—such as your current retirement account, IRAs, Social Security benefits, and personal savings—will work together in your retirement years?

For help answering these questions, you can log in to your account and check out your Lifetime Income Score (LIS). This projection of your future retirement income is based on your current saving and investing behaviors—and you can further personalize the estimate by providing more information on other accounts and assets. You’ll also get recommendations on changes you can make to help you get closer to your retirement income goals.

Taking steps to keep your retirement on course is the perfect way to celebrate National Retirement Security Month 2022. Log in to your Plan website today for a look at your Lifetime Income Score.