IMPORTANT Note: The County will transition to using the Capability Model starting at the beginning of FY22/23. HR has created several resources below to help you navigate the new model and share it with staff.  Please check this page periodically as new resources will be added periodically.

Capability Model Summary

Capability Model Behavioral Examples

Capability Model PowerPoint

Examples of Writing Performance Goals

Capability Model FAQs

Capability Model Video

IMPORTANT Note: For the current fiscal year, all ratings should be based on expectations that supervisors created last year around the current competencies. After the Fiscal Year begins, the County will transition to using the Capability Model and the current competency model will go away.

The nine core competencies in Henrico County are standards that all permanent employees work to meet for their own development and for the success of their agencies and the County as a whole. For more details and explanations of each competency, please view the documents below.