Claims / Workers’ Compensation

The Finance Department’s Risk Management Claims staff handle auto, general liability, and property claims for both General Government and Schools. The adjusters investigate claims, determine payment or denial, process claim payments and IDTs, and assist citizens and County employees as they navigate the claims process. In addition, they conduct scene investigations and coordinate litigation of all types of claims.

Risk Management Claims staff also work with PMA, the County’s third-party administrator for workers’ compensation, to ensure timely reporting and appropriate claims handling of all work-related accidents for the County’s General Government and School Employees.

Property / Vehicle / Liability Forms

Workers’ Compensation

Privacy Notice: Information requested on these forms is necessary to process claims, to monitor the driving records of anyone driving a County/School vehicle, to meet reporting requirements for state and federal laws, for insurance purposes, and/or for statistical reports. To the extent permitted by law, this information will be kept confidential by the County and its vendors.

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For additional help with your Workers’ Compensation questions, you and your employees can also visit the Workers’ Compensation Commission Web site.

Effective October 1, 2019, the County’s third-party administrator for workers’ compensation is changing to PMA.  Our telephonic reporting company is also changing to Care 24.  Please see our presentation for more information.