Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP provides services for employees experiencing personal problems such as marital, financial, drug alcohol, vocational and stress-related difficulties, which may affect job performance or an individual’s general wellbeing. Henrico County offers the EAP service to its employees and their family members.

Eligibility and Usage

  • All visits with the Employee Assistance staff are available to an employee’s spouse and household members. You or any member of your immediate family can call 800-899-8174 and speak with someone who will schedule an appointment.
  • A staff counselor will meet with you or your family member for up to six (6) sessions to address a particular issue, during which time they will work to fully define the problem; and if additional help is considered necessary, they will assist you in obtaining that professional help.

Time and Leave Use for EAP Appointments

  • Annual leave, sick leave, holiday leave, compensation leave, or docked leave can be used for EAP appointments. When setting up your own appointment, you decide the type of leave you wish to use.
  • When a supervisor requires the employee participates in the EAP to improve work performance, the visits will not be charged to the employee’s leave balance.

Communication and Privacy

  • If your supervisor or department head has made the referral, he/she will be notified if you have kept your appointment and provided with limited information relative to your participation in the program. Any specific information regarding your situation will only be released with your written consent.
  • If you personally schedule an appointment, no one from your place of employment will know that you have seen a counselor. Your privacy is protected by the flexibility you have in designating the leave type.

Costs and Fees

  • All visits are paid by Henrico County government. If a further referral is considered necessary, every effort will be made to defer expenses through use of your health care insurance program. Your EAP staff will keep your financial situation in mind any time a referral is suggested. Your well-being and that of your family have first consideration.

Wellness Packages

  • Optima EAP also offers self-guided toolkits to assist employees in many wellness and prevention efforts through their Health and Wellness programs.
  • Employees can view the wellness toolkits online and download them for their use.