CPR / AED / First Aid Training

This CPR/AED/First Aid course is designed for the lay rescuer and is offered to anyone in departments where the course is not already offered.   The in-person, hands-on portion is taught at the Henrico Training Center at 7701 East Parham Rd.  The class will last approximately 2 hours and come prepared to perform compressions on CPR dummies.  After the class each person will be assigned the second portion of the course online through WebNet Training and lasts approximately an hour.  Once that training is complete, the employee will receive a CPR card.  The certification is good for 24 months.

If you have any questions, please e-mail: HenricoSafety@henrico.us.

To schedule training, please visit our online portal.

Class Dates:

Classes are held at 9 AM and 2 PM on each date.

January 2021 January 13 January 27
February 2021 February 10 February 24
March 2021 March 18 March 24
April 2021 April 14 April 28
May 2021 May 12 May 26
June 2021 June 10 June 23
July 2021 July 14 July 28
August 2021 August 25
September 2021 September 8 September 22
October 2021 October 7 October 27
November 2021 November 10
December 2021 December 8