2016 Flexible Spending Accounts

When considering the Health Care account, estimate costs for co-payments of prescription drugs and doctors visits for yourself and your family members. You don’t have to participate in Henrico County health care or dental coverage to participate in a FSA and your family members do not have to be covered by Henrico County’s plans for you to be reimbursed for their eligible expenses.

When considering the Dependent Care account, review costs for child care services for dependent children under the age of 13. This account may also be used if you have expenses for adult care services. Eligible child or adult care expenses are those that you incur when you are working and that enable you (and your spouse) to work.

FSAs allow you to contribute pre-tax dollars that you expect to spend on qualified expenses into the account and therefore lower your taxable income. There are two types of FSAs offered:

  • Health Care—for out-of-pocket health care expenses
  • Dependent Care—for costs of adult or child care that enable you (and your spouse) to work

Henrico County Flexible Spending Accounts are administered by Navia Benefit Solutions (formerly Flex-Plan Services).  

Company Code (employees will need this to log in to their Navia account):

  • HGG (General Government)
  • HPS (Schools) 

2016 Annual Contribution Limits:

  • $2,550 for Health Care FSA
  • $5,000 for Dependent Care (Day Care) FSA

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