What’s Next?

Here are a few of the perks you can take advantage of as a Henrico County employee:

Employee Development

Henrico County offers cutting edge, innovative training courses and coordinates high-quality leadership programs including the Emerging Leaders Certification Program, the Leadership Development Program, and the Role of the Supervisor Series

Fitness and Wellness

Henrico County is embarking on a HealthTrip to employee wellness! HealthTrip is Henrico County’s wellness campaign aimed at increasing awareness about personal health habits, providing education about key health and wellness issues, and inspiring employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The County offers free fitness programming to all its employees. You can exercise on your own using the equipment in the weight room, attend a fitness class, or join a group fitness training session with a staff Fitness Trainer.

Get started on your HealthTrip by checking out the HealthTrip pages on your employee dashboard (just select whether you are permanent full-time or permanent part-time).

Foundations for Your Success

Policies and Procedures

The purpose of Henrico County’s Policies and Procedures is:

  • To provide common terms and definitions for human resources administration.
  • To provide equitable conditions of employment for employees of the County.
  • To establish and maintain uniform standards of human resources administration.
  • To aid supervisors in dealing with their personnel in a fair and responsible manner.

Please view our Policies and Procedures for more information.


Henrico County uses competencies in the selection, development, evaluation, and retention of all employees. These competencies are standards that all permanent employees work to meet for their own development, and they are a core aspect of the performance appraisal process.