What’s Next?

Here are a few of the perks you can take advantage of as a Henrico County employee:

Employee Development

Henrico County offers cutting-edge, innovative training courses, a YouTube page filled with videos to support employees in all aspects of their work lives, and coordinated, high-quality leadership programs including the Emerging Leaders Certification Program and the Role of the Supervisor Series.

Power Henrico

At Henrico County, we want to partner with you to build a healthy lifestyle. We know wellness looks different for every single person, and Power Henrico is here to cultivate and tailor the experience to YOU. Visit our Power Henrico website to learn about all of the resources available to help you build and maintain wellness for a lifetime.

Foundations for Your Success

Policies and Procedures

The purpose of Henrico County’s Policies and Procedures is:

  • To provide common terms and definitions for human resources administration.
  • To provide equitable conditions of employment for employees of the County.
  • To establish and maintain uniform standards of human resources administration.
  • To aid supervisors in dealing with their personnel in a fair and responsible manner.

Please view our Policies and Procedures for more information.


Henrico County uses capabilities in the selection, development, evaluation, and retention of all employees. These competencies are standards that all permanent employees work to meet for their own development, and they are a core aspect of the performance appraisal process.