Emerging Leaders Certification Program (ELCP)

We are in the process of evaluating how the outbreak is affecting ELCP and will follow up with program participants once we have more information.

The Emerging Leaders Certification Program (ELCP) provides non-supervisory employees with the framework, tools, and learning experiences to strengthen their leadership skills, self-awareness, and initiative to deliver customer service The Henrico Way. While ELCP was not created for the purpose of promoting employees into a supervisory position, we believe participation in the program supports leadership growth in any role. ELCP participants invest in their own development; they support and collaborate with others; and they make an impact at every level of the organization.

Participants have said…

  • “I came to appreciate how much I can learn from others, especially those that differ from me greatly in the way they interact with people and situations.”
  • “Great program and a great experience. It really has helped me become a better leader and a better officer. I can certainly see a difference within myself since I’ve begun ELCP.”
  • “ELCP has helped me be more aware of Henrico County as a whole. I have worked for Henrico County for over 19 years but this ELCP program has been the first program that has let me really see what the other agencies are doing.”
  • “LOVE IT – I absolutely love these discussions and anything pertaining to the Emerging Leaders Certification Program. Gives me a chance to talk/collaborate with my peers across numerous county agencies.”

Joining ELCP

  • Current full-time General Government non-supervisory employees who have been with Henrico County for more than six months are eligible to apply for admission to ELCP.
  • Current LDP non-supervisors cannot be in both LDP and ELCP at the same time. If you are a non-supervisor currently in LDP and wish to apply for ELCP, you will need to either complete your current level in that program or contact your advisor about dropping out of LDP in order to apply for ELCP.
  • Application dates/deadlines and processes are described in the table below. 

Program Application Timeline

Important Dates

Application Process

Application Deadline: November 30

Applications accepted (must be date stamped by close of business of the last business day of the month)

By December 31

Applications reviewed

First week of January

Notification letters will be sent out to applicants

Application Deadline: May 31

Applications accepted (must be date stamped by close of business of the last business day of the month)

By June 30

Applications reviewed

First week of July

Notification letters will be sent out to applicants