Policies and Procedures Section 11: Part-Time Employees


11.1 Part‐time Employees (08-31-2023)

The Policies and Procedures set forth in this section are for the administration of part‐time employees hired in authorized positions. Part‐time employees are persons employed to regularly work for less than 40 hours per workweek.

  1. Compensation Persons employed on a part‐time basis in an authorized position will be placed in the part‐time payplan with a paygrade equal to that of full‐time employees in same or similar classifications. Their pay will be prorated based on the standard hours worked each week. Persons employed on a part‐time basis may not work more than 40 hours per workweek.
  2. Benefits Eligible part‐time employees may elect County health care coverage at group rates at their own expense. If a part‐time employee works 30 or more hours per workweek, the County contributes toward health care premiums as if the employee was a permanent full‐time employee. Part‐time employees working 20 or more hours per workweek may also elect to participate in some other County benefits. Employees who have worked at least 1,250 hours in the past 12 months may be eligible for protection of benefits available under the Family and Medical Leave Act (see Section 8.18).Additional information about benefits for part‐time employees can be found on the Department of Human Resources Web site.
  3. Eligibility for Leave
    1. Persons on a part‐time basis in authorized positions are eligible to earn annual and sick leave in proportion to their actual scheduled hours of duty. The rate of accrual for annual leave is based on years of service in the same manner as eligible full‐time employees.
      Years of Service Hours Worked per Payperiod*
      40 to 59 hours 60 to 79 hours 80 hours
      Annual Max Sick Annual Max Sick Annual Max Sick
      Less than 5 years 2.0 104 2 3.0 156 3 4.0 208 4
      5 but less than 10 2.5 130 2 3.75 195 3 5.0 260 4
      10 but less than 15 3.0 156 2 4.5 234 3 6.0 312 4
      15 but less than 20 3.5 182 2 5.25 273 3 7.0 364 4
      20 but less than 25 4.0 208 2 6.0 312 3 8.0 416 4
      25 or more years 4.5 234 2 6.75 351 3 9.0 468 4
      *Part‐time employees working less than 20 hours per week do not accrue annual or sick leave.
    2. Part‐time employees are eligible for other types of leaves of absence on a pro‐rated basis, provided they meet all requirements for the particular leave. The chart below identifies these, provides further information relevant to each of these leave types.
      Type of Leave Eligible
      HR Authorized Leave Yes
      Annual Leave Yes
      Bereavement Leave Yes
      Civil Leave Yes
      Compensatory Leave Yes
      Conference Leave Yes
      Educational Leave Yes
      Extended Leave Pool Yes
      Family and Medical Leave Yes
      Holiday Leave Yes
      Injury Leave Yes
      In‐service Training Yes
      Leave Without Pay Yes
      Military Leave Yes
      Organ and Bone Marrow Donor Leave Yes
      Parental Leave Yes
      Sick Leave Yes
      Suspension Yes

11.2 Transferring from Full‐time to Part‐time

If an employee transfers from a full-time assignment to a part-time assignment, the manager/supervisor, in consultation with the Department of Human Resources, must ensure that the employee understands the impact of the change in benefits and leave prior to requesting the change. The agency must submit an HR Action Form requesting that the change be made.

  1. Employees eligible for paid leave who transfer from a full‐time to a part‐time assignment category will be treated in the following manner:
    1. All annual, holiday, and sick leave balances will be transferred in proportion to the number of hours that the part‐time position carries (for example, those employees whose part‐time position is scheduled at 20 hours per week, or 1/2 time, will carry over 1/2 of their accumulated leave balances; or those working 30 hours, or 3/4 time, will carry over 3/4 of their accumulated leave balances).
    2. Any remaining annual leave not transferred will be paid to the employee at the time of the change in status. Unused holiday leave not transferred will be paid to non‐probationary employees.
    3. Any remaining sick leave not transferred and any compensatory leave balances will be forfeited and stricken from the records.
    4. If the employee should transfer back to a full‐time status within 90 days, the forfeited sick leave balances will be reinstated.
  2. The employee should be advised of applicable changes in benefits, including but not limited to, the following:
    1. For employees with a work schedule of less than 30 hours per work-week, in order to continue health care coverage, the employee must pay the total premium.
    2. The employee will no longer be covered under the Virginia Retirement System (VRS).
    3. The employee will no longer have life insurance under VRS.
    4. The accrual of sick, annual, and holiday leave will change in accordance with Section 11.1.
    5. The employee will be paid the applicable prorated annual leave balance and will forfeit any applicable prorated sick and compensatory leave balances in accordance with this Section 11.2.
    6. For VRS Hybrid Plan members, the same rules for accrual and maximum balance for sick leave apply (see Section 8.4-B).