Internship Program

The Department of Human Resources sponsors an award-winning formal Internship Program partnering high school and college students with departments focusing on the student’s area of study. Learn how your department and customers can benefit from the Internship Program!

Why should your department hire an intern?

Internships are a flexible, cost-effective way of managing heavy workloads without hiring full-time employees. We have ongoing relationships with educational institutions to bring a pool of well-qualified, knowledgeable, talented and highly motivated young adults who can assist with projects, research, and administrative duties thus allowing full time staff to concentrate on more advanced assignments.

When can you hire interns?

Students start looking for internships a semester in advance so we advertise for internships a semester in advance. Requests to hire interns are due to the Internship Program Coordinator no later than the dates listed below:

Semester Summer Fall Spring
Deadline to request an intern December 31st May 31st August 31st