Empower Your Financial Goals

by Lauren Taylor, Benefits Division Manager, Department of Human Resources

Great news! Financial planning from Empower is available NOW!

Take the next step toward financial independence!

We’re excited to announce that comprehensive financial planning is now available as part of your employee benefits below the industry average cost1 through your plan provider, Empower. Everyone’s financial situation and goals are different, but no matter where you’re at an Empower financial planning professional can meet with you to work toward the financial future you want.

The process starts with a no-obligation initial consultation where they get to know your unique situation and goals. If you enroll in the service, your Empower financial planner will look at the topics most important to you with your full financial picture in mind, and then develop a straightforward plan with clear next steps.

Empower financial planning professionals can help with topics including:

  • Identifying and prioritizing your financial goals.
  • Retirement savings and income recommendations.
  • Organizing your finances.
  • Insurance and estate planning.
  • Saving for education.
  • Debt management.

Schedule your no-obligation initial consultation now.

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