Join us for a Healthy Eating Lunch & Learn Series

by Liz Stovall, Fitness & Wellness Division Manager, Department of Human Resources

Healthy eating learning opportunities impart knowledge and skills to help employees choose and consume healthy foods and beverages.


Get answers to one of the most important questions you can ask yourself, how can I live the most extended, healthiest life possible? The Human Resources’ Fitness & Wellness Division has teamed up with Bon Secours Outpatient Nutrition to provide nutrition education programming to County employees in person and virtually. 


All nutrition sessions present contemporary scientific information on nutrition and disease prevention while building awareness of ways to preserve optimal lifetime health. From diabetes, emotional versus mindful eating, sports nutrition, macronutrients, and meal planning, you’ll go beyond the ‘fluff’ and explore how to make small and sustainable behavior changes to positively impact your nutritional health and overall wellness.


In case you missed the ‘Balancing Macronutrients’ class offered in July, you can view the whole presentation or just the slideshow online. Here is what your co-workers had to say about it:

I enjoyed the presenter’s style… the nutrition information was explained in a way that was not technical and easy to understand.  

This was great… I’m looking forward to the next class on Meal Planning.

I thought the class was very interesting and informative! The presentation was easy to understand, and she was obviously very knowledgeable and a good speaker.

The class was really good and what some of us needed. The information was very valuable, and I’m looking forward to the meal planning one. I am going to change some of the things I buy from now on.


Visit the Fitness & Wellness SharePoint site for a complete list of upcoming sessions

You can attend in person or virtually and register by emailing [email protected].


Join us on August 24 for our next session all about Mastering Meal Planning!