7 Tips to Meet the Early Timecard Deadlines

by HRMS Team, Department of Human Resources

Did you know that four of the next six timecard deadlines are early? Below are some other important reminders to help you and your employees get your timecard in on time this upcoming holiday season.

  • Remember that timecard deadlines are for all timecards to be submitted and approved for HR. We suggest that departments set earlier internal deadlines.
  • Non-exempt employees should record their regularly scheduled hours on the early submission dates. For example, employees who typically work 8 hours on Thursday and Friday should record 8 hours for those days before submitting their timecards for approval.
  • Supervisors must review each timecard before approving. Please ensure that your direct reports have entered their time as regular hours, even if the total number of hours will exceed 40 hours for the week.
  • Supervisors must confirm that employees actually worked the hours recorded in advance. Any changes can be made as a correction on the retro timecard or as a payroll adjustment.
  • Timekeepers should advise supervisors with scheduled time off to set a vacation rule in Oracle, designating an alternate approver in their absence. For more information, please see the vacation rule guide.
  • Timekeepers must designate a backup for scheduled time off.
  • No timecards should be in ‘Not Started’ status on the deadline date. Timekeepers should utilize the timecard dashboards before the due date


Departmental timekeepers should be the first point of contact for questions about recording time. Please consult the Policies and Procedures on the HR Employee Portal for more information.